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October 2022

September 2022

Kristin Smart Murder Trial

SERI Senior DNA Analyst, Angela Butler, testified on her analysis of the soil samples dug up from Ruben Flores' yard. In the end, Paul Flores was convicted of first degree murder of Kristin Smart. Read [...]

May 2022

Serial Sexual Assaulter Caught

News was abuzz in the SERI lab when results came back showing the perpetrator was indeed connected to the multiple sexual assault cases mentioned in this story. Read about it here.

March 2022

February 2022

August 2021

July 2021

Rapist’s DNA Does Not Lie

SERI analyst, Erin Laurie, took the stand and testified to her findings of the evidence in this 2019 case. Read about the case here.

June 2021

Berkeley PD charges suspect with attempted rape

Berkeley police department charges suspect with attempted rape after he broke into the victim's apartment and tried to sexually assault her in bed. SERI's Chief Forensic DNA Analyst performed DNA analysis which contributed to the [...]

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