Since it was founded in 1978, SERI has processed over 14,000 cases, including homicides, sexual assaults, missing persons, kinship analysis, property crimes, and more. The lab’s clients include law enforcement agencies, district attorneys’ offices, public and federal defenders, and private attorneys. Its work has helped solve cold cases, imprison serial criminals, and exonerate the wrongfully accused.

SERI analysts are experts in a range of forensic biological services: body fluid identification, amplification and analysis of STRs and Y-STRs, mitochondrial DNA sequencing, and DNA collection using M-Vac® technology. They regularly screen and analyze samples for low level or degraded DNA and can interpret DNA mixtures with up to four contributors. It is not uncommon for SERI to receive previously analyzed evidence and uncover useful information other forensic labs were unable to obtain.

Please contact us for pricing on the following services:

Standard Services

Body fluid screening: Body fluid screening typically includes screening for blood, semen, and saliva but, if requested, can also include urine, feces, menstrual blood, or vomit.

DNA quantitation: DNA quantitation includes assessing the quantity and quality of DNA and determining whether male DNA, female DNA, or both are present. SERI analysts can quantitate DNA from swabs, stains, cuttings, cartridge casings, and many other items.

DNA (STR) analysis: DNA analysis includes analyzing DNA for the presence of short tandem repeats (STRs) in order to develop a DNA profile that may be suitable for comparison to DNA from reference samples, other evidence, or profiles in CODIS.

CODIS uploads: SERI partners with a CODIS laboratory to evaluate and upload qualifying samples into the FBI’s national Combined DNA Index System (CODIS), where the profiles will be searched against a criminal database and a database of unsolved cases. If the profile matches or “hits” against profiles in the databases, a CODIS administrator will notify the client directly.

Mitochondrial DNA analysis: If STR analysis cannot be performed or does not yield useful results, mitochondrial DNA sequencing may still generate genetic information. This process may be the best option for hair shafts, bones, or samples that are highly degraded, aged, or putrefied. Please note that any information resulting from this process would not be eligible for CODIS upload.

Y-STR analysis: Standard STR analysis can be supplemented with male-specific testing, which is referred to as “Y-STR” testing because the process focuses on the Y chromosome. This process may be the best option in cases where a standard STR profile was not possible, the male DNA is mixed with an overwhelming amount of female DNA or with multiple other male profiles, or the evidentiary sample originated from vasectomized or aspermic males. Please note that any information resulting from this process would not be eligible for CODIS upload.

Other Services

Kinship analysis: SERI analysts can compare DNA samples to determine kinship with grandparents, siblings, half-siblings, and cousins.

Forensic paternity: SERI can provide absolute exclusion or paternity confidence in the 99.999% range.

DNA prep for genetic genealogy: SERI can prepare and send DNA extracts to genealogy laboratories for SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) testing.

Drug & alcohol sample identification: While SERI does not perform drug testing (known as toxicology), our analysts can determine whether the DNA from a blood or urine sample matches the DNA from a known reference sample.

Case review and consultation: SERI analysts can review current data (current serology tests and DNA analysis) or legacy data (conventional serology test, ProCo, HLADQA1, D1S80, and Polymarker) and communicate the scientific findings to clients in clear, practical terms. Analysts can examine cases for irregularities, advise clients on the probative value of prior findings, and suggest strategies for cross-examination.

Expert testimony: All SERI analysts are court qualified experts in forensic biology, including DNA analysis and body fluid identification. They have served as expert witnesses in hundreds of cases in state and federal courtrooms across the country. They have testified in criminal and civil matters for prosecution, plaintiff, and defense attorneys. Combined our analysts have over 50 years of testimony experience.

Expedited Services

On a situational basis, SERI analysts may be able to provide faster turnaround times at a percentage fee added to the total billable cost of the case.

20 business days – 25% fee
10 business days – 50% fee
5 business days – 75% fee
48 hours (2 business days) – 100% fee (double the cost)

Please note cases involving sexual assault kits or mitochondrial DNA analysis cannot be processed within 48 hours. Contact us for a free consultation.