“Brian Wraxall, an expert on blood typing, said he could not be sure the stains came from the woman because he has no sample of her blood.”

“Wraxall, a chemist with the California-based Serological Research Institute, testified he analyzed bloodstains taken from a car rented by Rawlings and an airplane he flew to Texas the day of his wife’s disappearance.

Because a sample from Mrs. Rawlings was not available, Wraxall said he analyzed her parents’ and her brother’s blood to determine the possible range of genetic markers she could have inherited.

Taking all the possibilities into account, the bloodstains found in the car and the airplane ‘could have originated from Sally Rawlings,’ Wraxall said.

The bloodstains could not have come from Gary Rawlings, he added.

He said the genetic markers found in the bloodstains could have come from one of every 217 people, or .46 percent of the population.”